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Manufacturing technology upgrade of monocrystalline silicon wafer
- Mar 12, 2018 -

Semiconductor, Chip, IC, design, layout, chip, manufacturing, process the world is currently using advanced cutting, grinding, polishing and cleaning packaging technology, so that production technology has made significant progress. In Japan, the φ200mm Wafer has 50% uses the wire cutting machine to slice, not only can improve the wafer quality, but may reduce the cutting loss by 10%. Japan's large semiconductor manufacturers have been to 300mm silicon wafer transformation, and to 0.13μm the following micro-refinement development. In addition, the introduction of the latest cutting-edge technology, SOI and other highly functional wafer development has also entered the production stage. In this regard, the silicon wafer manufacturers have also increased the investment of 300mm wafer equipment, in accordance with the further refinement of the design rules, but also the development of high flatness and defect-free silicon wafer, and the equipment has been improved.

Silicon is the highest solid element in the Earth's crust, its content is one-fourth of the Earth's crust, but there is no monomer silicon in nature, more oxides or silicate states. The atomic price of silicon is mainly 4, followed by 2; at room temperature its chemical properties are stable, insoluble in a single strong acid, soluble in alkali, and chemically active at elevated temperatures to combine with many elements.

Silicon materials rich in resources, but also non-toxic Elemental semiconductor materials, it is easier to make large diameter without dislocation of the low defect single crystal. Crystal Mechanical property is superior, easy to realize industrialization, still will become the main material of semiconductor.

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