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The characteristics of the growth furnace
- Mar 12, 2018 -

HD Series Silicon single crystal Furnace chamber with 3 section design. The upper and upper lid can be raised and rotated to both sides to facilitate loading and maintenance. The drum lifting support adopts double column design to improve the stability. The support pillar is installed on the top of the furnace body support platform, which facilitates the maintenance of the equipment under the platform. The Furnace barrel lift adopts the screw lifting technology, simple and clean.

The whole automatic control system adopts modular design, easy maintenance, high reliability and good anti-interference. The double camera collects the crystal diameter information in real time. The temperature and repeatability of the seed crystal can be ensured by the liquid surface temperature measurement. Furnace temperature or heating power control mode is optional, to ensure the accuracy of temperature control. The mass flowmeter accurately controls the argon flow volume. The high precision vacuum gauge combines with the electric butterfly valve to control the furnace vacuum degree in real time. The upper weighing sensor is used for the auxiliary control of the crystal rod diameter. The combination of servo motor and stepper motor can satisfy the torque needed for rotation, and can realize the precise control of rotational speed. The mass flowmeter accurately controls the argon flow volume.

The control software of independent property right adopts Windows platform, easy to operate and simple and intuitive. A variety of curves and data cross analysis tools provide a platform for real-time monitoring of processes. The complete process-setting interface allows the computer to automate almost any process.

The heating power supply adopts the green longitudinal 12 pulse DC power supply. It is nearly 15% more energy-saving than traditional DC power.

The special temperature field design makes the crystal lifting speed increase 20-30%.