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The influence of wafer reduction on distributed PV industry
- Mar 12, 2018 -

Recently, Longi shares announced the latest November monocrystalline silicon wafer price, a one-time decline of 0.4 yuan. Among them, 190 micron thickness from 6.15 yuan to 5.75 yuan, 180 thickness from 6 yuan to 5.6 yuan. And not most of the ring also follow the crystal wafer 180 thickness reduction to 5.65 yuan/min. As a result of the continuous supply of monocrystalline crystal in the status of this year, there is such a big drop in the industry has caused a certain sensation; At the same time, compared to polycrystalline sand line wafer latest price of 5.05 yuan, the monocrystalline silicon wafer prices once again narrowed the price difference of a single polysilicon.

This price reduction, as early as October this year, there have been signs. From the external environment, the first is the European lowest price agreement price (MIP) reduction, the higher-priced products that were originally protected by the agreement were required to compete with low-priced products, and the EU announced that MIP prices would be adjusted quarterly, which meant that future high efficiency monocrystalline products would continue to compete with low-cost and inefficient products, The share and total amount of monocrystalline and efficient products will decrease. The second is the United States, as one of the world's most important single crystal market and Europe is also the main source of demand for monocrystalline products, but the U.S. 201 case of hoarding demand in the 11 after the end of the long holiday, lost the United States market of monocrystalline products, estimated normal demand reduced by at least 30%.

The global demand for monocrystalline silicon wafer is mainly in China, the United States, Europe and Japan, while in the ' Thirteen-Five ' period, the Chinese government officially launched the "front-runner" in 2015, the industry's focus has shifted to the ' technology leader ', the leader of the impact of the project, the industry began to fully enter the era of quality, spell efficiency. Although monocrystalline perc batteries are better able to meet the leader's requirements, the majority of monocrystalline perc battery capacity has not yet been released. In recent years, monocrystalline silicon wafer market demand, monocrystalline silicon wafer price has been high, on the contrary, polysilicon in this year will be a large-scale mortar line silicon, technical transformation into a more cost-effective diamond line of silicon, with the acceleration of technical transformation, the end of the year is expected to replace the original 80% of mortar line wafer market The cost and price of polycrystalline silicon chips have been further lower. This is under the long, although the first half of this year monocrystalline silicon wafer price has two times, but it is still difficult to solve the single polysilicon chip spreads in this year's widening dilemma, and the impact of the further expansion of the crystal market share May.