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Beijing Express First Furnace Polysilicon Ingot Trial Production Success
- Mar 12, 2018 -

"Temperature has cooled, the indicators meet the standard, ready to be released!" "February 8 afternoon, in the Trinidad Mountain Industrial Park, Beijing Express New Materials Industry Center Polycrystalline workshop, with on-site command Personnel command, the first polysilicon ingot was slowly introduced polycrystalline ingot furnace."

From the formal construction to the first piece of polycrystalline silicon Ingot officially released, Beijing Express new Materials Industry center in only half a year. The first batch of polycrystalline silicon ingots not only marks the success of the Beijing Express new material Industry Center polysilicon ingot Trial production, but also leaves a great deal of emphasis in the history of promoting industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading in our city.

A few days ago, the reporter in Trinidad Mountain Industrial Park Beijing Express New Materials Industry Center Polycrystalline workshop See, workers are repeatedly testing equipment, Polycrystalline workshop has entered the final stage of commissioning. According to the project leader, Wuhai Beijing Express New Materials Industrial Park project was officially started last August, October, all the main structure of the completion of the CAP, the current poly-Crystal Workshop has a trial production conditions, is in the final stage of the polycrystalline furnace equipment commissioning, is expected to be formally put into operation in May; To carry out facilities work, the pilot production is expected in May this year.

Wuhai Beijing Express New Materials Industrial Park project by Beijing Jing-Express Technology Co., Ltd. Investment and construction. Project is located in the thousand-mile industrial park, covers an area of 420 acres, the total investment of about 3 billion yuan, the overall planning and construction of 5GW efficient solar-grade monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon Industrial Park, an annual output of 8000 tons of polycrystalline silicon ingot and 15000 tons of silicon rods. Wuhai Beijing New Materials Industry Park project in the silicon materials industry in the international leading position, advanced product technology, energy saving and environmental protection, high value-added, in line with the city's industrial development requirements. The project construction, not only can pull upstream silicon raw material demand, but also can provide the fine foundation condition for our city solar energy industry downstream section. Project up to the postpartum, the estimated annual sales revenue of about 5.3 billion yuan, a tax of about 380 million yuan, the employment of more than 1200 people.