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China PERC Solar Cell Annual Report 2019
- Jan 14, 2019 -

Passivated emitter and back (PERC) technology is the most cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells in recent years. Compared with conventional battery production lines, it only needs to increase the back passivation and laser grooving sections, as well as the metallization process. With proper cooperation, the conversion efficiency of single crystal and polycrystalline batteries can be effectively improved.

PERC technology has increased the efficiency of P-type crystalline silicon solar cells to previously unimaginable levels. In 2014-2018, the world's mainstream solar cell manufacturers actively invested in PERC technology research and development, constantly refreshing battery efficiency. In the fourth quarter of 2017 and the second quarter of 2018, Jinko Energy announced a record polycrystalline PERC cell and single crystal PERC cell efficiency of 22.04% and 23.95%, respectively. In addition to the continuous breakthrough in laboratory efficiency, the mass production efficiency of the production line is gradually increasing. The mass production efficiency of single-chip PERC batteries of many manufacturers has exceeded 22%.

In the metallization process, PERC batteries require a wide sintering process window to reduce the sintering temperature to avoid LID; PERC back silver should not burn through the back passivation layer and have good tensile performance, and well match PERC aluminum Pulp. The double-sided PERC requires an increase in the aluminum gate line aspect ratio and a reduction in bulk resistivity while reducing the amount of aluminum paste.

At the same time as efficiency, the capacity of PERC batteries is increased. The maturity of the manufacturing process and the low capital investment make the PERC battery capacity easy to expand, coupled with the drive of the national high-efficiency front-runner project and the demand for high-power components in the downstream market, the PV industry is actively expanding the PERC battery capacity. At the end of 2016 and the end of 2017, the global PERC capacity is about 15GW and 35GW. By the end of 2018, the global PERC capacity has increased to about 65GW. With the rapid spread of the PERC process, PERC batteries are becoming "a new generation of conventional batteries"!

The benefits of PERC technology are also reflected in compatibility with other high-efficiency battery and component technologies, as well as the potential to further increase efficiency and power generation capabilities. PERC cell efficiencies can be further enhanced by a combination of multiple main gates, selective emitters, advanced trapping and passivation contacts. The double-sided PERC battery realizes double-sided power generation without significantly increasing the manufacturing cost, which greatly enhances the competitiveness and future development potential of PERC technology.

Based on this, Asia Chemical Consulting launched the "2019 China PERC Solar Cell Annual Report". The content covers the following:

High definition crystalline silicon solar cell definition and classification
High-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell technology and development status
PERC solar cell process technology
PERC solar cell efficiency improvement
PERC solar cell market development status
Double-sided PERC battery technology
Challenges for PERC solar cells
Application of PERC products
PERC solar battery future prospects
About "China PV Industry Chain Annual Series Report 2019"

The re-emergence of photovoltaic power generation has driven the prosperity of the entire industrial chain. From the upstream polysilicon and silicon wafers, the mid-stream battery and conductive paste, photovoltaic modules and packaging materials, downstream photovoltaic systems and power stations, and even financial services, the profitability of industry participants has increased, and new companies are constantly influx.

For investors and participants in the PV industry chain industry, understand and judge the development and trends of national policies, the growth trend and market demand of the PV industry chain, the technology and R&D trends of industry-leading companies, and the latest application progress of PV products. This is very important as a basis for company decisions. In order to provide independent and objective analytical comments and reference opinions for industry and corporate decision makers, Asa Consulting has launched the "China PV Industry Chain Annual Series Report 2019" as an advisory body focusing on emerging fields of energy and chemical industry. Includes the following 5 modules:

1. "China Solar Cell Conductive Paste and Metallization Technology Annual Report 2019"

2. "China PERC Solar Cell Annual Report 2019"

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4. "China Diamond Wire Cutting and Black Silicon Technology Annual Report 2019"

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