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Lithium Battery Plate Enthusiasm High Silicon Wafer Price Again
- Mar 12, 2018 -

2018 New energy vehicle subsidy policy fell to the ground, the industry development uncertainty reduced; New energy passenger car "double Integral" has been released, long-term mechanism to build, superimposed overseas giants event catalysis, medium and long-term bullish industrial chain leading and upstream resource giants investment opportunities. The PV Demand Center has greatly promoted, the domestic distributed opens the new cycle, the photovoltaic manufacturing technology progress accelerates, moves toward the parity without fear subsidy Xianpo; first quarter for the industry off-season, the industry chain price pressure, the Spring festival after the boom is expected to warm, suggest positive configuration, optimistic with the core competitiveness of leading enterprises. Wind power domestic demand at the bottom of the establishment, is expected to usher in a three consecutive years of high demand growth, suggested the bottom of the positive layout. The recent construction of three generations of nuclear power projects to promote smooth, new projects are expected to be approved, can focus on the theme of investment opportunities. Power equipment to optimize the performance growth of the determination of strong, low valuation of the subdivision of the leading;

This week's Plate quotes: Power equipment and new energy sectors are up 1.11% per cent this week. The lithium battery index rose 2.75%, the new Energy Vehicle index rose 1.64%, the nuclear power Plate rose 1.49%, the wind Power Plate rose 1.08%, the PV plate rose 0.84%, the equipment rose 0.81%, the power generation equipment rose 0.53%, two times the equipment rose 0.45%, Industrial automation Rose 0.32%. This week's industry highlights: New energy vehicles: Great Wall Motor and BMW signed a letter of intent to build a joint venture company to produce mini pure electric vehicles; Ministry: 2018 to promote the establishment of new energy vehicle Power battery recycling system. New Energy generation: from February 23 onwards, Longi shares of monocrystalline silicon wafer (156.75mmx156.75mm) price, from 4.8 yuan/piece adjusted to 4.55 yuan/piece, the CLP is expected to increase the consumption of the whole society by about 5.5% in 2018.