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Monocrystalline Silicon Wafer Expansion, But The Next Five Years Crystal Is Still The Mainstream
- Mar 12, 2018 -

2017 as a result of the "leader" policy will be the impact of a single crystal small climax, and then the city accounted for a few years to increase the rate will slow down, is expected to hit 30% in 2020, the next five years the crystal is still the mainstream market.

According to Bloomberg New energy statistics, compared to the 2016,2017 single crystal market share from 20% to 25% rapidly, which is mainly affected by the "leader" policy. The first half of the 2017 is the peak of the "front-runner" program, as the "leader plan" on the single polycrystalline efficiency standard formulation does not open the gap, last year's bidding scheme a large proportion of the selection of monocrystalline components to obtain technical scoring, in the case of the lack of single crystal capacity of the situation caused by supply tension, silicon wafer prices continue to remain high, Single crystal manufacturers choose large-scale expansion. Such market conditions are unsustainable, with data showing that monocrystalline silicon wafers have begun to depreciate in mid-March.

2018 single crystal market share and 2017 basic flat, single crystal City accounted for the rise in the trend by polycrystalline "diamond wire cutting + black silicon +perc" capacity release block. Poly-Xin, solar, Crystal Branch and other enterprises have claimed the production of black silicon products, is expected in the second half of 2017 of its capacity will be released on a large scale, more than 50 megawatts of the volume of the multi-crystal reduce the effect of acceleration. After the three technologies are superimposed, the production efficiency of the polycrystalline battery can reach 20%, fully meet the requirements of "super leader". Coupled with low light decay, low package loss characteristics, the encapsulation of polycrystalline components efficiency is expected to be close to the same standard monocrystalline components, polycrystalline technology advances potential, cost-effective advantage will be again greatly enhanced.

Affected by the large-scale technical transformation of polycrystalline, especially the production of single crystal Ingot, the expansion of P-type direct-pull single crystal capacity may face a large number of idle. In contrast, single crystal ingot efficiency is close to direct-pull single crystal, and the cost will be greatly reduced, the future of the gradual replacement of P-type direct-pull single crystal trend. Prediction of Ingot Crystal in the next few years will be heavy, otherwise the crystal market will gradually shrink the percentage. Industry experts predict that the future of direct-pull single crystal technology extension depends on how the N-type silicon technology in high efficiency, while significantly reducing industrial production costs.